Over the past year, I have completely fallen in love with painting pet and wildlife portraits. I've made the decision to focus mainly on creating these beautiful artworks for my clients. Seascapes, Florals and Figurative paintings will always be a source of inspiration for me though.

Resident Artist(s

Valerie Anthony

Valerie Anthony ‘s mentor, African American artist Annie Lee, shared with Valerie that you are never to old to follow your passions.  That was in 2014. The next year Valerie retired from her 3rd career and began to embrace her passions.  
Valerie grew up looking at the world differently.  As a military brat she experienced living all over the country and when she joined the military in 1971 she was able to travel the world.  Creativity has always been intertwined in her life, from her military career, social work background to business owner and finally special education teacher.  Valerie has followed her dreams.  Painting and traveling have always been her grounding passions.  
She likes recycling canvases and different materials to create unique one of a kind paintings. Her paintings reflect her strong connection to her Caribbean roots. 
Valerie sold her first painting in 2017, which lead to being commissioned to paint numerous pieces for private collections.  Her first public exhibition was May 2019.  
Valerie often donates a painting to raise funds to assist a families struggling with financial challenges.   
Valerie enjoys sharing the stories behind the paintings to people.  Which led to “I See It Artworks”.


Sonya Edwards

(Jewelry Designer)
Sonya Edwards enjoys using natural stones and cultural beads to create very unique pieces.  Sonya travels statewide as well as worldwide in search of stones, gems and beads.  Sonya is trained in cutting and polishing.