Welcome to Queen of Arts Studio and Gallery

 Welcome to my studio and gallery! Queen of Arts Gallery was established in 2019. The space is 810 square feet that's comprised of front reception area/show room, gallery, rear restroom, and my working studio. My dream for my gallery is to support local (emerging) artists and to provide them with a place to exhibit their creations. My artists can host solo shows, sell their artwork, have a meeting place for potential clients, and host workshops/classes. Most of all, I wanted to provide an affordable venue! I remember starting out, having creative ideas, but being discouraged by the truly ridiculous venue prices in Las Vegas.My hope is that I can lend a helping hand and support artists in some small way.

The Gallery exhibits artworks that feature a range of mediums and subjects. From soulful figurative pieces, thought provoking abstract creations, and sassy pop art to brilliantly bright seascapes, landscapes and floral illustrations.

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